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The Ultimate Trypophobia Test-Do You Have Trypophobia?

Do I have Trypophobia? Where Can I take a Trypophobia test? How do I know If I am trypophobic? This are just few out of the numerous questions  I see every now and then on forums and on some other Phobia Blogs and I think it will be nice to put the test on this blog.

Trypophobia is one of the most common phobia and it is  the fear of holes and other irregular objects. You can click here to read more on What it Is

Online Trypophobia Diagnosis

The are several ways to get tested for the fear of holes Online, but this Particular test was prepared by Prince Molak, one of the foremost researcher of Trypo phobia. According to him, the best way to test people if they are trypophobic or not is by exposing them to series of  trypophobic Images. Trypophobic Images are simply images or pictures that cause fear in people that are trypophobic.

So to take this test , you will be shown about 7 different trypophobic images, a Point or Score is attached to each of the images, so while flipping through the images, if you come across any image that scares you, you will note down the point or Score assigned to such image and at the End of the quiz, you will sum up all your Scores and check how tryphobic you are from Prince Molak’s  Test Table below. A bit of Sincerity is needed while taking the quiz.

Trypophiba Test Images

Just as I have explained earlier, here are the images to be used for the test, just flip through them one after the other, check them for about 5 seconds, if you are scared of any, record down the point assigned to such post, if you are not, record a zero for yourself.

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Trypophobia Result Table

I’m sure you have gone through all the images, now rate your self If if you are Trypophic or not

Trypophobia Test Result

20-25Extremely Trypophobia
10-8Somewhat Trypophobia
8-5Slight Fear


Trypophoia  Cure

For those who took the diagnosis and had a score less than 5 , it means you are not trypophobic, If you have a score greater than that, it means you are trypophobic. You can read more on how to Cure Trypophobia here.

Kindly share your test result  using the Comment form Below. Thanks for Taking the test

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